I am un-able to log in.

Firstly make sure you are typing in the email address and password which was used to register.
If you are unsure of the e-mail address used to register, please call 03300 881183 for assistance. If you cannot remember your password use reset option.

I've got a new email address, Can I change it?

Yes, log onto the Vitality Vitamins website using your old email address and password, 'click' Edit My Details on My Account Screen. Enter your new email address, then your password. 'Click' Save Changes. Your new email address will now be saved, you will need to use this every time you log in.

I've forgotten my password, how do i get a new one ?

'Click' Sign In on the top right hand side of the screen, A log on field will appear, 'Click' the forgotten password link and you will be asked to enter your email address. This will generate an email that will be sent to you containing a link to click allowing you to change your password. This can then be used to gain access to the Vitality Vitamins website.

I have put a product in the basket which I don't want. How do i remove it ?

There are two ways, the first is a quick product removal, you hover the mouse over your basket and this will bring up your products, on the right hand side there will be a cross. "Click' the cross and that will remove that product. Alternatively you can go to your basket and you will notice a quantity box with a minus and plus either side. At the right of this you will see a cross this is the delete product button.  Clicking this will remove the product from your order.

How do I empty my basket?

Go to your basket, 'Click' the cross on each product line, until your basket is empty.

I have placed an order, when I click checkout, I am asked for my name and address details

If you have previously registered with Vitality Vitamins, 'Click' sign in on the top of the screen and use the email address and password to enter. If you are a new customer 'Click' new registration, enter your postcode and house number, then 'Click' register. This will bring up a blank form for you to complete with your details, you will also be prompted to choose a password which will be used each time you login to the website.

I have entered a quantity of 3 for a product but I only want 1, Can I change it?

Yes,In my basket the quantity field next to the product will show 3, 'Click' the minus button on the left hand side until you get to the desired number of products. The quantity should now show your required number. The minus and plus buttons are there to reduce or increase the quantity already entered in the quantity box.

The website won't accept my card.

You may be using a card that we do not support. Please ensure the card you are entering is either a Mastercard, Visa or Maestro. We do not accept any other card type.  Ensure that all required card fields are being completed. If using a Maestro ensure that a start date and / or expiry date or issue number of the card are included.

I would like to change the delivery address, can I do that?

Yes. To change the delivery address its easy. On the left hand side of the checkout screen you will see at the bottom of the screen an update button, 'Click' Update and you will be able to enter a new deliver address.

I have moved house, why haven't my details changed as I have notified you?

The website runs independently, if you have moved house and notified us our main mailing records will be updated, however we are unable to change the details registered against your account on the website. Please therefore login to your online account  follow the same procedure as changing the delivery address but this time use the right hand field, then edit the details accordingly.

How do I subscribe/Unsubscribe to e-mails?

To subscribe to the e-mails, go to My Account once you have signed in, click Yes to receive e-mail information.

If you do not wish to receive e-mails, then please click No.

My Order status is received, has my order been Despatched?

The status received, means we have now received the order in the order database and aim to despatch within 2-3  working days.

My voucher won't apply to my order?

Check the total order value. Some of our vouchers may have a minimum order value, they will also all have an expiry date attributed to them. Please ensure the voucher code is being entered in the promotional and voucher box in your basket. The voucher code can be found on the back of the voucher or in the promotional e-mail information.
Once the voucher code has been entered, 'Click' Apply. The voucher value will then be deducted from the order (the total value is displayed as being split across the product lines).

How do I search for the products I want?


     Browse by Products,         which if you know the product type then 'Click' the category and the products in this field will appear.

     The A-Z  Manufacturers ,   which is a drop down menu of which you can choose the products from each manufacturer.

     Search field.                       You can type in the description of the product or part of the name and this will bring you to closest matches

I am trying to register, but cannot find my country on the drop down menu, why is this?

 There are a number of reasons why a country may be missing from the drop down list. If you cannot find your country, please call our customer service line on 03300 881183 or e-mail info@vitalityvitamins.co.uk.

My invoice is going to an old address, how do I change it?

Sign into your account, click on My Account and then Edit My Address book. If your old address is still showing, please click update underneath the address and update the details to ensure your invoices are sent correctly in the future. If an old address is not showing, please contact our customer service line on 03300 881183 or e-mail info@vitalityvitamins.co.uk.

My Visa verification is asking for a password, why am i being asked for this.

This is to protect your card online with your bank, you would have chosen a password to authorise payment from your card. If you have forgotten the password, please click the link on the pop up and this should then direct you to your banks website to answer security questions and then reset a new password.
For security reasons our website does require a verification password when taking payment, if you have not yet set this up, please follow the links on the screen where you will be able to set up an applicable password.

How do I know if your website is secure?

If you look at the web address that shows at the top of the screen it will state https. The S on this means it is safe. If the S is missing then a site may be insecure. For example https://www.vitalityvitamins.co.uk Another way of identifying a secure site is if there is a padlock showing on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

We have tried our best to cover most of the questions that are asked of us, if you still have any questions or queries please feel free to call our customer services helpline on 03300 881183 or alternatively email us at sales@vitalityvitamins.co.uk